Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Scattered, But Focused

Well, here we are--Thanksgiving tomorrow and Christmas right around the bend. I can't believe it's holiday time already. I still haven't recovered from our lack of a Summer this year. We didn't have one good beach weekend. I need a day by the ocean, but I guess memories like this will have to do for a few more months!

I've been consumed with stocking my Etsy shop these days, and I think it's finally taking shape. My aim has been for a vintage/retro feel and I believe the shop personality is at last emerging! I'd love to hear comments and suggestions. Anyone??

Have you heard that Etsy is running a Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotion? Many participating shops are offering specials. And Cinderella Lollipop has joined in the fun! From now until next Monday (or until I get around to un-tagging) every single item in my shop is 15% off!! Everything. Even the pure cashmere ruanas!!

I've listed this black one. I only have enough of this scrumptious coat-weight fabric to make just two or three more. I've also got a one-of-a-kind charcoal coat-weight that I'm going to list (but if you read this and want it, send me a convo via Etsy, shhhh...) and a lovely chocolate flannel weight that I may line with a chocolate sherpa.

Oh, and here are some pics of the cutest little ponchos I made this past week.
They are reversible. The pink knit reverses to a pink velvet, and the Ikat styly knit is black fleece on the other side. A custom order, I think the two recipients will be very happy with the surprise flower brooches I created to match!

So click on over to or just get yourself over to Etsy and see all the beautiful creations and vintage lovelies for your consideration! Try some of my favorite shops like Peaceful Chic: or Kitchy Galore: and The Werehouse: Some of my other favorites are From My Hands to Yours: and Lizard Queen Jewelry:

Well, I'm off to make a blanket buddy and neckroll for a sweet little someone! Talk to you all after Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful holiday!!

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