Sunday, January 10, 2010

Betty 'Boom-Boom' Boop and the Squash On My Counter

You may have noticed that it's been a few days since my promise to post regularly about the 250 exercises in the book, Caffeine for the Creative Mind by Mumaw and Oldfield. I'm only on the second assignment and I've already hit a speed bump. This time, the task is to "take 10 pictures of ten things in your environment that don't belong where they are." And to be honest, my friends, I had to clean my house first!

I no sooner finished vacuuming when my dear little Lucy made the mess you see in this first picture. By the way, that toy she is tearing apart is only a few hours old. I sewed her up a batch of them that morning. She's still in her destructive puppy phase, and I figured better a toy than my furniture. But she could have at least pretended to have some trouble demolishing my offerings!

Moving on to my desk, I found a couple of things that were not where they belong. Okay, more than a few. Notice the close-ups. That's so you can't see the entire messy office space. Yeah, huh? Dumb like a fox.

The first item is a bag full of brooches--some vintage, some not. I have been running a special in my Etsy shop: For every ruana purchased, the customer receives a free brooch. (Pretty good deal, if I do say so--and I do.) However, I have not sold a ruana since Christmas, yet these remain nestled in their resting place below the computer monitor.

The second misplaced item on my desk, is my thesaurus. It should be standing with the other books along the back wall, but I use it so often that I tend to leave it out. In fact, I used it just now to find another word for misplaced. There aren't that many that fit in this context. I haven't "forgotten the whereabouts" of these things that are "scattered" about, I simply "placed them wrongly" because I am a "disorganized," creative soul whose things are often "put in the wrong place."

I have a rather large kitchen with a u-shaped counter-top. When taking these photos, a butternut squash rested on one end of the shelf near the toaster oven. We feasted upon that a couple of days ago, and now the same space holds a sweeter variety of squash--the buttercup. These gourds really are the most visually unique and interesting vegetables, aren't they? You could spend a day at a farm just photographing the various types. Can you say, Fun?

The day I took these pictures the kitchen workspace also sported a lovely black stretchy woolen glove with the word "Spongebob" written across the index finger in red, and a squiggly pattern of blue and gray spread over the remainder of the fingers and palm. This lonely hand covering emerged from the laundry all by itself and it's waiting for us to find its missing partner. Hopefully, the wayward mate turns up before we have to break the news to a certain little someone.

Resting beside the rogue Spongebob glove, is a package of skinny, multi-colored headbands. I removed two of the less-desired colors to use in a special Christmas project for the Littles. I wrapped each with red satin ribbon. On the first, I attached a pretty green flower sewn from vintage, ruffled trim and topped it with a sparkly button.

Unfortunately, before I managed to complete the second one, our mischievous cat absconded with one of the half-finished headbands and it hasn't been seen since--the headband, not the cat. At the last minute, I whipped up another flower in red and sewed it to a shiny green ponytail holder, finishing just before we left for our trip to Lil Rhody. Whew!

The headbands now reside in a drawer in my sewing room until I decide what I'll do with them next--maybe something cute for Valentine's or St. Patrick's Day.

Sitting at the opposite end of the counter on the dining room side, is a vintage yellow and blue Czechoslovakian candy dish. That object is in its rightful spot, but the opened bag of chocolate-only Tootsie Roll Pops propped up against the dish are not. The truth is I didn't really want to share this bag of delectable delights so I didn't put them into the dish. Funny, lots of little fingers get into that bowl full of bounty, but they never seem to look beyond, at what to my taste buds, is the greater treat. But now that I'm exposing myself, I feel a bit ashamed that I haven't shared and that I've left them out where they don't belong. I guess I'll put them away--later.

Although Christmas and New Year's Day have passed, on picture day my bedecked tree still stood in my living room. And beaming out from underneath, a gorgeous gift from my daughter begged to be hung in a special spot somewhere in my house. We took the tree down yesterday, but the beautiful mirror still waits for a permanent home to send out its wise message of reflection. (Get it?)

On the table where the mirror now rests while I write this, is a neat wooden box with old-time games inside. The words "Authentic American Pastimes Collection" sprawl across the clear acrylic cover and it's easy to see the games: Jacks, Pickup Sticks, and Marbles. The set belongs on a shelf on the porch, but it contains lots of little pieces and had to be rescued from visiting two-year-old hands. When she grows enough to reach the top of the sideboard, I figure she'll be old enough to play with--rather than eat--the game parts.

And that brings us back to the aforementioned mischievous cat. We adopted Betty 'Boom-Boom' Boop the day before her third birthday after falling in love with all of her gorgeous black beauty. Boom-Boom Betty is big-boned, for sure, but there aren't any bones in the stomach, right? Hers--stomach, not bones--waddles freely whenever she walks to her food dish. And she walks there often, checking to see whether we've come to our senses and decided to feed her more than twice daily. We haven't.

When the search for food and interfering with my belongings bores her, the Boopster loves to lounge. She has claimed the bed in the sewing/guest room as her own and though she'd deny it, the truth is she sheds. And yes, she's the queen and all that, but I still don't want to have to wash the embroidered linen duvet cover any more than necessary. So we've come to a compromise, I keep an old woolen blanket on the bed and she...well, she doesn't do anything. I guess the only give here was really on my part.

So there you have it, folks. The second creative exercise is finally completed and reported to you. Stay tuned for number three. Here's a hint: It has something to do with a Swiss Army knife!              


  1. Okay so yesterday I thought I commented... & maybe I did? But perhaps I flaked & didn't click the send button? Soo at the risk of repeating myself I would just like to say, that I am enjoying your blog posts immensely! I think your new kitty is absolutely gorgeous! She sort of reminds my of Ebony, only slightly more voluminous. & if you should really like to shelf that thesaurus, try using
    It's awesome! There... I said it all again. x

  2. Yes, posting comments on here can be challenging. I average two attempts every time I try to comment on a post. I now realize that if you aren't given those silly code words to type in to complete your post, it probably isn't going to show.

    And Miss Boop is MUCH larger than Ebony--but every bit as pretty. For Ebony, think Mary Kate or Ashley Olson, while the Boopster is more like Monique before she lost all her weight. ;)

    Thanks for persevering and posting such a sweet and entertaining comment!